Martyn Cook

personal vision

Any encounter with another human being can evoke opening into deep awareness, and lead to the healing of physical, mental and emotional issues. 

My earliest inspiration came from reading the casebook of a Swiss psychiatrist, Paul Tournier.  I was impacted by the intense compassion he showed to each of his patients, his delightful humility and the clarity of his writing.

I continue to find this space of profound connection to be sacred territory, where each of us can face our deepest fears and our most profound longings.


overseas training

My formal healing training led to a Diploma in Brennan Healing Science.  This 4-year degree-level course is offered by the Barbara Brennan School of Healing (BBSH) in Miami, Florida - the foremost school of its kind in the world.  I later went on to complete the 2-year Advanced Studies Diploma.

I chose Dr Brennan's school because of her serious and scientific approach to healing in the human energy field, and the thoroughness and integrity of the training.  Barbara Brennan was a NASA scientist and atmospheric physicist before she developed a healing school thirty years ago.  She wrote Hands of Light and Light Emerging, which have been widely read in New Zealand.

Brennan Healing Science is recognised in New Zealand through its affiliation to Natural Health Practitioners NZ.


the experience of going deeper

I'm always amazed at the depth at which energy healing works, and I've seen many remarkable changes in clients by going deeper into underlying causes. 

It can start with physical healing of disease or illness.  For some, it's more about a restoration of mental and emotional health and vitality.

Others simply get their lives working much better.


welcoming to all

I value the great diversity among human beings, and I welcome clients regardless of life experience, state of physical health, age, race, cultural affiliation, religious belief, sexual preference or gender identity.